FEDER Convergence 2007-2013 programme in partnership with the CARAH, the CTP and the UMONS.

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Budget: €2,090,427.40 including €864,250 for the ISSeP, financed 40% by the FEDER and 60% by the Walloon region.
This project began on 1 July 2009.

The aim of the VALSOLINDUS project is to validate the process introduced in SOLINDUS by assessing the health risks for personnel responsible for the treatment and the risks to human health and ecosystems related to the recovery of treated sediment from soils. Environmental risks are studied for underground waters, plants, and soil fauna.

Mise en place de parcelles expérimentales
                                Légende ?
Prélèvement de biomasse végétale
Development of experimental plots for biomass sampling (July 2014)

The evaluation of risks for operators performed in the context of VALSOLINDUS leads to professional exposure limits in line with legislation concerning particles suspended in the air and organic and inorganic contaminants. The process introduced presents no risks for personnel performing the treatment.

In terms of the recovery of treated sediments, four experimental plots were developed to assess the compatibility of these materials with a return to the soil in the context of landscape development. The latter present growing sediment incorporation rates (0 – 20 – 50 – 100%) in agricultural land and have been seeded with Italian ryegrass. The evolution of these plots (physico-chemical, plant growth, fauna, and flora, etc.) will be monitored at least until June.

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