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With an experience from 1902 in extractive industries, ISSeP is a Belgian organisation recognized as notified body since 1st June 2017 for all ATEX products manufacturer according to the directive 2014/34/EU Annex III and IX. It is also one of the laboratory agreed by the Federal Belgian Ministry for Economy (SFP economy) for the processing of tests on electro domestic equipment. Our competences in the ATEX domain are worldwide known.CSI_atex_LOGO

The activities of the CSI cell are: tests, validations, certifications, quality assessment notifications, repair workshop homologations according to the last version of EN and IEC standards.

Contact:– +32 (0) 65 610 811

Test benches

The CSI cell is  accredited according to ISO 17025 by BELAC, it contains test benches to answer the following needs :

Electrical power measurement (in order to test the eco consumptions of low voltage equipment)


Talc chamber for the dust ingress protection tests IP5X and IP6X  CSI_banc essais IP poussière
Motopump and high pressure nozzles for the water ingress protection tests IPX5 and IPX6  CSI_jet d_eau HP essais IPX5_X6
Tank for water ingress protection tests IPX7  CSI_cuve d'immersion essai IPX7
Hyperbaric tank for water ingress protection test IPX8
Dielectric strength test benches (0-5kV and 0-200mA) and (0-25kV and 0-10mA)  CSI_poste rigidité diélectriqueCSI_poste HT
Current injection test until 2000A (electrical connections heating tests)


 CSI_Pupitre injection de courantsCSI_Transfo de courant
Heating tests by means of thermocouples, pyrometers
Climatic chamber (-60°C-+170°C) for ageing tests


 CSI_enceinte climatique ferm CSI_enceinte climatique ouv
Fluid absorption measurement on resins or other materials


Test bench for the Non transmission of an internal ignition  CSI_Labo antidefCSI_essais non transmission 1CSI_essais non transmission 2CSI_essais non transmission 3
Intrinsic safety test benches (gas mixing pumps, ignitor,…)


 CSI_banc tests intrinseques
Cable harness test bench


It owns a large instrumentation range for  metric or imperial dimension measurements, torque wrenches,…

ATmospheres EXplosibles

ISSeP is the Belgian organisation intende to be recognized as Notified Body reference 0492 dealing with directive 2014/34/UE

The cells activities in the ATEX domain are :

I – Equipment tests, validations and certificationsCSI_moteur.

The CSI cell works with up to date following standards to comply with the directive requirements:

  • For electrical equipment:
    • EN/IEC 60079-0 (explosive atmospheres general requirements)
    • EN/IEC 60079-1 (flameproof enclosures)
    • EN/IEC 60079-2 (equipment protection by pressurized enclosure)
    • EN/IEC 60079-7 (increased safety equipment)
    • EN/IEC 60079-11 (intrinsic safety equipment)
    • EN/IEC 60079-15 (non sparking equipment)
    • EN-IEC 60079-18 (equipment protection by encapsulation)
    • EN/IEC 60079-31 (equipment dust ignition protection by enclosure)


    • For non-electrical equipment : the standards previously named completed by :ISO 80079-36: Basic methods and requirements
    • ISO 80079-37: Non electrical type of protection constructional safety “c” , control of ignition sources “b”, liquid immersion “k”CSI_matériel _non_electrique
  • For the ingress protection tests :
    • IEC 60529 and IEC 60034-5

ISSeP takes part of ExNB and TC31 comitees to be the most uptodate in its know-how and knowledge

II – Technical files conservation

ISSeP conserves your technical files prepared according to annex VIII §2 of the directive 2014/34/EU in case of auto-certification (non-electrical group II equipment category 3)

III – Quality assessment notifications for product or production process

ISSeP does quality assessment notifications for your products (Annex VII of the directive) and your production process (annex IV of the directive)

IV – Repair workshops homologations

To repair ATEX certified equipment and guarantee that the protection mode (s) isn’t or aren’t impacted by this repairing, you need to have an homologation as a repair workshop, this one is delivered according to the EN/IEC 60079-19 standard.

V – Training concerning ATEX directive or protection modes

ISSeP shares documents including all the requirements to design , or put new ATEX products on the market (cf useful information) and proposes personalized training programs:

A flowchart of the certification diagram according to the directive: ATEX certification flowchart

A presentation of the ATEX marking of the equipment according to the directive and the actual standards :

ATEX marking guide

Low Voltage tests

ISSeP is one of the reference laboratories agreed by the SPF economy for the control of electrodomestic equipment on the Belgian market.

Useful information

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Useful documentation:

General :

Directive 2014/34/EU guidelines

Transition document between directive 94/9/EC and 2014/34/EU

ExNB Clarification sheets

directive 2014_35_EU

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