Occupational health, safety, and well-being at the ISSeP

The main principles

    • Every effort must be made to avoid accidents and illnesses at work.
    • Management, the department managers, the supervisors, and all agents are all responsible for safety at their level.
    • Health and safety is a part of all thinking related to operational processes and the institute’s management.

The implementation of these principles is materialised through the following actions on a daily basis:

    • Identification, evaluation and elimination of risks or the introduction of suitable preventive measures.
    • Compliance of the working equipment, installations, and buildings.
    • Immediate consideration of all incidents and the development of corrective measures.
    • Regular updating of working methods and procedures related to security.
    • Awareness and regular training of new employees and all personnel on well-being at work.
    • Strict monitoring of the information, awareness, and support procedure for subcontracting companies.
    • Consideration of the psychosocial risks through the analysis of specific risks and the definition of suitable prevention measures.
    • Gradual introduction of administrative formalisation of the actions related to well-being according to the requirements of OSHAS 18001.