REFGAZ (Research on the equivalence of the FTIR for the analysis of gases on release)

Grant amount: €100,000
Research period: 24 months
Programme: own funds (Moerman)


The FTIR is an analyser allowing the simultaneous measurement of the release of several pollutants in the effluents from industrial chimneys (CO2, CO, NO, NO2, N2O, SO2, NH3, CH4, HCl, HF, TOC, COV, CxHy, BTEX, Aldehydes, O3, HCN, etc.). This technique is of interest as a self-control system in terms of cost and its ease of adaptation to new pollutants.

However, as the method’s specificity is low, a significant development is required to prove the equivalence relative to the reference methods (SRM).

This validation will include the validation of comparative tests in both the laboratory and the factories.

In addition to the investment in this equipment, this project allows the development of the spectra library based on the activity sectors and pollutants of interest.

A collaboration with a laboratory (Gasmet), two Belgian reference laboratories (VITO & ISSeP) and a private partner (GDF Suez) allows for the pooling of equipment and knowledge while reducing costs. The results will contribute to the works of the new group CEN/TC264/WG36 “Air quality: Measurement of stack gas emissions using FTIR instruments”.