Private sector and municipalities

Asbestos evaluation: detection of asbestos

  • Analysis of suspect materials;
  • Help with preparing an asbestos inventory for buildings and installations where employees work;
  • Measurement of the concentration of airborne fibres;
  • Expertise and various advice (help preparing specifications, site acceptance tests for asbestos removal, etc.).

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Contact: Dominique Bossiroy 04 229 83 21

Legionella detection 

With extensive expertise in legionella, the ISSeP is able to respond to any installation analysis and characterisation requests (care homes, pools, sports halls, etc.).

Contact: Nadine Burlion 04 229 83 05

Electromagnetic field measurements

  • Measurement and calculation of the electromagnetic field emitted by radio frequency sources: transmitting antenna for telecommunication systems (mobile phone, broadcasting, TV, Wi-Fi networks, etc.);
  • Measurement and calculation of the electrical field and the magnetic field at extremely low, low, and intermediate frequencies produced by electricity transport and distribution networks, railways, smart meters, magnetisers and demagnetisers, welding stations, NMR, etc.;
  • Monitoring of compliance with standards applicable to the public (decree of 3 April 2009 concerning transmitting antennas, recommendation 1999/519/EC) and workers (R.D. of 20 May 2016);
  • Measurements taken at the request of those living near antennas (mission conferred by the Walloon Minister for the Environment).

Contact: Willy Pirard 04 229 82 35

Measurement of air quality for urban developments

The ExTraCar project concerns air quality measurements. The readings taken show levels of black carbon atmospheric pollution, and map the areas with high concentrations of these fine particles. Simulations carried out are used to complete the image at the level of a municipality and assess the effect of urban development designed to reduce exposure to pollutants from traffic or decisions aiming to reduce air pollution.

Contact: Fabian Lenartz 04 229 82 92

The Wallonia Public Service Science Institute (Institut Scientifique de Service Public) measures, collects, provides data, and develops knowledge for a safe and healthy environment in the Walloon region.

Where can I consult this data?

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WATER: Quality of bathing water.

RISK: Geological and mining risks.

ELECTROMAGNETIC FIELDS Register of stationary transmitting antennas.

WASTE: Landfill centre reporting