Preservation and restoration of heritage

In the context of projects intended to preserve and restore built heritage, many public and private stakeholders require expertise for assessing and managing the impacts on the latter due to repeated exposure to physical, chemical, or biological agents or in certain geotechnical contexts.

  • Prior studies and monitoring of restoration works;
  • Global and/or occasional auscultation of the former buildings;
  • Inspection and diagnosis of stonework;
  • Analysis of stonework subject to capillary movement processes;
  • Qualitative and quantitative determination of soluble and crystallised salts contained in stonework;
  • Identification, diagnosis and localisation of materials and these respective pathologies, as well as their distribution in the building;
  • Reporting, interpretation, and modelling of thermo-hygrometric conditions;
  • Determination and localisation of interventions required during restoration;
  • Search for decorations and/or polychromies;
  • Inventories of dangerous materials present in the buildings (asbestos, products, and/or chemical substances).
    Scientific and technical assistance
  • Involvement heritage certificate and site meetings;
  • Help preparing specific specifications concerning restoration interventions;
  • Monitoring and control of recommendations during specific treatments;
  • Development of specific methods;
  • Control and receipt of materials and products;
  • Site monitoring.

Contact: Dominique Bossiroy – 04 229 83 21