PNM-STACK (PM and Nanoparticles Measurement – Standardized Techniques Available Comparison in stack)

Partnership: GDF Suez, CRM, TUAT, VUB, ISSeP
Research budget: €100,000
Research period: 12 months
Programme: own funds (Moerman)


Although PM10 and PM2.5 are among the priority pollutants for Europe in terms of air quality, industrial sources are barely controlled from a granulometric point of view.
However, this information is crucial for health aspects because it allows the real impact of the industrial source to be determined in terms of health effects. There are various methods, but they are often limited to certain sectors and few comparisons have been carried out.



The study will be used to prepare an objective assessment of the different methods in terms of performances and their ease of implementation on the ground.
Specific attention will also be given to the formation of secondary particles, which is to say those resulting from precursor gas formations released by industrial sources.
Given the application of the REACH directive, the release of nanoparticles by industries is also a hot topic; however, there is no standardised method available. The study will also help to develop an equipment prototype current being developed at the ISSeP

pnm-stack04 pnm-stack02 pnm-stack03