PM LAB FIJNSTOF (Fine dust information system for Euregio)

Partnership: ISSeP, CSE, RWTH, U Hasselt
Grant amount: €2,400,000
Research period: 36 months
Schedule: InterReg 4

PM Lab 01

Although air quality is improving throughout Europe, fine dust forms part of the pollutants for which the situation has stagnated, The Euregio scope is optimal for advancing towards solutions. Close cooperation with the distribution of information and equipment exchange does not pose any problems. Data coherence can be guaranteed. The involvement of key stakeholders (local authorities, industries, etc.) for the development of improvement plans is realistic.

The main aim is to obtain more reliable data in terms of pollution by fine dust in Euregio Meuse-Rhin and specifically in the border areas. Knowledge of dispersion sources and phenomena must be added with spatial modelling. In addition to PM10 and PM2.5, data is also provided for UFP (ultra-fine particles). In practice, reference devices and a mobile UFP lab are deployed through Euregio so as to better establish data and check whether the concentrations calculated are coherent. The population’s exposure, the localisation of sources and the evaluation of health impacts is also assessed. The project’s actions constitute a chain where each link is essential. The authorities, industries, and the public are involved in the progression of tasks to be able to assess the feasibility of the measures considered.

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