January 2017: ISSeP becomes with Spacebel and Skywin, the activities relay of the space program Copernicus.

Copernicus is a European Union Programme aimed at developing European information services based on satellite Earth Observation and in situ (non-space) data.

The “Copernicus Relay” is responsible for promoting the Commission’s Earth Observation program. The candidacy of ISSeP, Skywin and Spacebel was selected from among 60 candidates, to be the relay of the activities of the Copernicus space program in our region. ISSeP is designated to relay the activities of the Copernicus space program for our region.

Learn more: http://www.copernicus.eu

Spacebel        logo-ISSeP-JPG        SKYWIN

photo ISSat ESA-ATG MediaLab

Photos: ESA- Satellites européens Sentinel 1-2 – ESA-ATG MediaLab