Organisation of the ISSeP

The institute’s management

This is provided by Mrs Bénédicte Heindrichs, CEO

Bénédicte Heindrichs / Tel: /

Anne Vershinin, executive secretary / Tel: /

Management committee

The daily management of the institute falls to the management committee, CoRDI, established by a ministerial decision of 20 May 2011.  It exercises the missions set out in article 6 of the decree from the Walloon government of 11 December 1997 which sets out a regulation concerning the delegation of spending powers and personnel.

Financial manager
Cédric Serruys 04/229 82 07
Integrated quality management
Valérie PETERS 04/229 82 81
Head of the HR department and the legal department
Stéphanie CHRISTIAENS 04/229 82 67
Head of environmental monitoring
Jean-Claude MAQUINAY 04/229 82 92
Head of the analysis laboratories
Christophe FRIPPIAT 04/229 82 40
Head of ground activities and measurements
Philippe NIX 04/229 82 76
Accidental risk management
Hervé BREULET 04/229 82 03
Chronic risk management
Mathieu VESCHKENS 04/229 82 15
Environmental technologies management
Albert PIEL 04/229 82 06
Colfontaine management
Laurence HAOUCHE 065/61 08 27

Department managers

Air qualityGuy Gerard04/
Water qualityPaul Van Damme04/
Atmospheric emissionsFrançois Idczak04/
Waste and risk sitesCatherine Collart04/
Mineral chemistryMarie-France Canisius04/
Organic chemistryAnne Galloy04/
MicrobiologyNadine Burlion04/
Reference laboratoryXavier Veithen04/
Microscopy and mineralogyDominique Bossiroy04/
Environment and healthSuzanne Remy04/
EcotoxicologyYves Marneffe04/
Electromagnetic fieldsWilly Pirard04/
Risks and subsoilsJean-Luc Berger04/
Remote detection and geodataNathalie Stephenne04/
EnergyAbdel Abbadi04/
Analyses on the Colfontaine siteGeoffrey Ortegat065/ 61 08
CommunicationSophie Sleypenn04/

The internal occupational prevention and protection department

Marc Gérard04/229 82

Thematic correspondents

For each environmental component, a thematic correspondent has been appointed to facilitate dialogue between the Walloon and European public services and collaborators and to encourage a prospective and anticipative policy for our institute.

AirBenjamin Bergmans04/
WaterYves Marneffe04/
SoilRobin Lambotte04/
WasteÉmerance Bietlot04/
SedimentsÉlodie Bouhoulle04/
Risks and nuisancesBenjamin Vatovez04/
Accidental risksStéphane Desmet04/

The government

The ISSeP is a regional public interest organisation (OIP). It is under the direct authority of the Walloon government, which holds the management authority therefor.

Its operational ministry is the Ministry of the Environment.

The support committee

The composition of the support committee, chaired by Mrs Isabelle Delbrouck, who represents the Ministry of the Environment, Planning, Mobility and Transport, Airports, and Animal Well-Being, is established as follows:

Representatives of the Walloon government

Ingrid Gabriel, representing the Minister-President;

Adrien Vijgen, representing the Ministry of Public Works, Health, Social Action, and Heritage;

Jérôme Vandermaes, representing the Ministry of Economy, Industry, Innovation and Digital;

Jean-Pol Delory, representing the Ministry of Local Powers, the City, Accommodation, and Energy;

Christophe Iones, representing the Ministry of Employment and Training;

Alex Reuter, representing the Ministry for the Budget, Civil Service, and Administrative Simplification;

Marie-Julie Goffaux representing the Ministry of Agriculture, Nature, Rurality, Tourism, and Sports Infrastructure, delegated to the representation of the Grande Region.

Representatives of the administrations

Pierre Gilles, representing the Directorate General for Roads and Buildings;

Yves Libert, representing the Directorate General of Operations: Mobility and Water Courses;

Jean Marot, representing the Operational Directorate General for Agriculture, Natural Resources, and Environment;

Christophe Rasumny, representing the Operational Directorate General for Land Use, Housing, Heritage, and Energy;

Pierre Villers and Stéphane Thirifay, representing the Operational Directorate General for Economy, Employment, and Research.

Representative for the Finance Inspectorate

Yves Cenne.

Representatives of Wallonia’s social and economic council

André Lebrun et Gianni Infantini.

The scientific and technical committee

Mr Jean-Pierre Thome, Chairman.

Ms Isabelle Delbrouck, Vice-Chairman.

Representatives of scientific environments

Marc Degrez,

Philippe Ancia,

Pierre Delmelle,

Frédéric Silvestre.

Representatives of industrial environments

Emilie Butaye,

Michel Calozet,

Sébastien Loiseau,

Cécile Neven,

Fabian Scuvie.

Representatives of employee representation organisations

Anne Deprez,

Pierre Debroux,

Thierry Kervyn.

Representative of the Walloon scientific policy council

Eric Perpete.