The Public Service Scientific Institute (ISSeP), the Walloon Centre for Agronomic Research (Centre wallon de Recherches Agronomiques, (CRA-W) and Société Wallonne des Eaux (SWDE)

cooperate within the Walloon scientific interest group for water quality (GISREAUX) under the sponsorship of the Operational Directorate General for Agriculture, Natural Resources and Environment (DGO3) of the Walloon Public Service.

The three organisations have analytical skills of their own and specific laboratories, which they have decided to unite in a scientific interest group. The introduction of GISREAUX:

  • guarantees optimal efficiency when responding to sponsors
  • is positioned as a reference platform recognised at the European and international level
  • constitutes a research network
  • monetises investments through the sharing of tasks with the aim of optimising efficiency

This partnership is part of a long-term cooperation for the preservation and maintenance of the quality of water resources, and aims to increase Wallonia’s expertise capacities by ensuring coherence between: environmental objectives and method performances. This agreement also aims to increase Wallonia’s international recognition in the water science sector.

Contact and coordination : Christophe Frippiat (