INTERREG IV 2008-2013 programme. Five members of the GIS 3SP ( are involved in this project: the ISSeP, the CTP, the EMD, the BRGM and the INERIS.
This project began on 1 July 2008 and ended on 30 June 2013.
Budget: €3,770,043 including €1,052,274 for the ISSeP


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The cross-border GeDSeT project aimed to optimise sediment management options at the Euroregion level, while considering the regulatory or societal specificities inherent to each country and from an approach which:

  • considers all the components of sustainable development (environmental effectiveness, economic feasibility, social acceptability);
  • considers all the stages in a channel (dredging, transport, sorting, reuse, storage, etc.) according to an integrated approach.

Performed in collaboration with the managers of Walloon (DGO3 and DGO2) and French water courses (VNF), the GeDSeT project’s main aim is the development of a “what/if” decision-making tool simulating the consequences of a management decision. To supply the database from which the tool is constructed, research actions have been carried out to study the implementation of on-site measurement tools for refined chemical characterisation of sediments, the transfer of contaminants from sediments in situ (at the bottom of the water course) or out of the water as well as certain processing methods (mineralogy and phytoremediation).

Two conferences dedicated to sediment management in water courses were organised in May 2010 in Mons and in March 2013 in Douai in the context of the GeDSeT project which ended on 30 June 2013.

Final report on the GeDSeT project.